Chairman’s Report

  • Thank you for coming and for your support you give to SUDA towards advancing development in the Sumbawanga area. I must say again that we have achieved a lot together and hope we will continue to make a difference to the people we help.


  • Before I start talking about our achievements may I take this opportunity to thank Jenny for working with the SUDA committee and for the good job she has done ever since she became our treasurer. Now Jenny is standing down so due to some other commitments. I hope you will join me in thanking and wishing jenny all the best in her new role. So we are looking for a new treasurer from now on, so if you are interested in dealing with numbers please let us know of if you know anyone please recommend them to us. We need more committee members too.


  • I would like to thank the Beavers for working tirelessly to raise funds for water harvesting project at Kalalasi Primary school. Also I’d like to thank Sharon for raising money for us. She has raised a tremendous amount of money for us. I have been told that some more people have offered to run and raise more funds for SUDA. Thank you all!


  • Please allow me to thank Mhairi for coming all the way from Torbay to share with us what she saw and experienced on her research trip and her stay in Kalalasi. We appreciate your willingness to give your precious time to come and support SUDA.


  • Since our last AGM we have managed to accomplish a few things as listed below:


  1. We have managed to supply 25 lockers to Kanyele Secondary School that will provide storage space for one hundred students as each locker has four compartments. These were originally made for Matai Secondary School but due to managerial problems the school has had we decided to give them to Kanyele which is a very new school.


  1. We shipped over 270 science books that were donated by The Westgate School. They are due to reach Dar at the end of this month. The books will be shared by the two new schools; Kanyele and Kalambo Secondary schools. I have asked Noah to receive the boxes in Dar. Hopefully this shipment will go smoothly as compared to the last shipment that was facilitated by our friend charity Friends of St. Anne. As I speak the container is still held up in Dar port for over a year and half now.


  1. When I visited my parents last summer I had an opportunity to see progress on the projects we initiated. The health centre is working well and now the local government has equipped it with solar power and a refrigerator for storing drugs. I spoke to some of the users especially women/mothers who brought their kids to the clinic and what I heard repeatedly was ‘Thank you for what you have done for us and our families. Without this we would have buried our children’ Another one said ‘For what you have done for us, you are simply angels’. The lab equipment is making a huge difference too. The two doctors who are working there are doing examinations including blood tests to diagnose malaria. We have prevented a lot of deaths. This is the centre that Mhairi visited during her research.


  1. I saw the tree planting project we’ve sponsored since 2008. The trees are big now some up to about three metres tall as you might have seen in the pictures. We didn’t manage to send money this year due to being contacted very late in the year by the person who supervises the project.




  1. Kalalasi Primary school water harvesting – The Beavers have reached the target of £1,200.00 which is the cost of building ground water storage tanks and buying and installing gutters to the roof.


  1. Kanyele bunk beds – They have completed one dormitory building for girls that will accommodate 80 girls. They need 40 bunk beds to start with. The head teacher has sent us the cost breakdown and we need to raise £3,260.00 in older to fund this project.


Thank you


Mbeka M.Chifunda