AGM 2011

Present, Kitty, Paul, Mbeka, Peter J. Peter Todd

Apologies, Jenny
Minutes of 2011-09-29 approved,
Matters; Pre-school, Mbeka tried to contact the ladies but the mobile
network is faulty.  We like the idea and hope to go ahead.  Rhiain will
askthe Winchester Scout Groups to help SUDA. Paul thinks the idea of starting a pre-school
could take off.
* Mbeka to check what they want for the pre-school.
Other things to bear in mind, £200 for next phase of tree planting.
Fundraiser wash up.  Attendance was not that great.  Maybe going out
in the dark and trying to find the place put people off.Another room for children while
talk and film were on would have been better. Mhairi has been back in touch and will send
Peter T. an article for Website.

Kitty to check that annual report is in, Charity Commission wrote saying they were
waiting for it. Peter j. suggests card /
poster and a box of chocolates as thanks for Beavers,
*Mbeka to send cards to fundraising adults.
Next year we might do a SUDA christmas card.
Mbeka mentioned that we should update flyers.  His neighbour’s computer is playing up
so website not always answer.
*Kitty and Mbeka to look into it.
Nick Hutchinson has contacted us about a philanthropist’s trust supporting
2 charities.  Nick talked to Mbeka and passed on the info.we’ve been shortlisted.
We would accept a cheque. but as we don’t know them wouldn’t give them our bank details.
We don’t want to grow too fast, so if they had conditions about working with other organisations
over there it could be beyond us.  We need to stick to our ethos.
* Mbeka to reply to their email and check them out on the internet.
They might have some solutions to the dust bowl effect over there, as they were talking about
agriculture and dams.

Mbeka tried to call about books.  They should arrive this week or next.
Meera will let me know if she would like to be our treasurer, she’s in India ’till new yesr.
Emil still keen on doing website.

Meeting ended 8.25.