Kalalasi Health Centre

Since gaining charitable status in 2005 our main project has been fund-raising to help the community in Kalalasi build a Health Centre. The Tanzanian Government will staff and run it. We approached St Peters’ Catholic Church in Winchester and they agreed to support us through their Covenant with the Poor. The Lent collections in 2006 and some extra funds made this possible.

We sent some money via Western Union so they could start work. In August four of us went out with the rest of the money in travellers cheques. When we arrived in the village the walls were built and door and window frames in. When we left two and a half weeks later the walls were plastered inside and out, water storage tanks almost complete and the roof on.

In March 2008, we received photos of the opening ceremony.

Now the villagers won’t have to trek the 15 miles to Matai for anything the small village dispensary couldn’t cope with.

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