AGM Report 2008

SUDA Chairman’s Report

29th November 2008

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of you to our A.G.M. My thanks to all the trustees and supporters who participated in the activities and dedicated many voluntary hours of work in supporting the aims of SUDA this past year. Thanks in particular to the Todd family for hosting us this evening as they have always done in the past years.

Together we have proudly achieved several things:

Health Centre Project 2007

• Funds were raised through small events and with great help from St. Peter’s Catholic Church – Covenant with the Poor
• Building of the Kalalasi Health Centre
• Building two tanks for storing water harvested from the health centre roof
• Production of Documentary DVD about the project which we are going to show on 6th December at the United Church Jewry Street 2-4

Matai Secondary School Bunk Beds Project

• Raised funds with the help of The Westgate School in Winchester
• The process is under way to sign a contact with the local carpenter who is going to start making beds soon.

Kalalasi Greening Project

• With the help of SUDA funds the tree nursery was established
• 15,000 saplings to be distributed to the villages at the beginning of December
• The target is 50,000 saplings (trees) planted by 2011 in and outside the village

Future Projects

• We will raise funds to equip the Kalalasi Health Centre with laboratory equipment.
• One microscope has already been donated while we are still waiting for another one from the NHS to be handed to us
• You can see the complete list of the equipment they need attached

Thank you very much for making a difference.

Mbeka M. Chifunda

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One Volunteer’s experience.

The following piece was written by Rhea Schmitt. She kindly volunteered to make a documentary film about building the health Centre in Kalalasi.

On August 25th 2007 I set of together with SUDA to visit the village Kalalasi in Western Tanzania.
For months SUDA had been fund-raising and I was very excited to see and experience what I had only heard about in the past, making a film about the journey.

After many hours of travelling and spending a few days on gathering necessities in Dar Es Salam we headed out on our 16 hour bus journey to Kalalasi.
Our arrival in the village could not have been more joyful and colourful. It was great to see how Mbeka was welcomed back by his family and Kitty almost a member of it, warmly remembered from her first visit 3 years prior. Shortly after our welcome we went to our first inspection of the health centre building site. I had expected to see just the foundations but it turned out the walls were already above head height. You could already see what the centre would look like.
It was one of those moments when you realize that caring beyond your own fence does change lives.

Over the course of the next three weeks, whilst the building grew day by day, I met many different people, getting an insight into the villagers’ life and seeing for myself why the health centre and SUDA’s work on it was so important. Many of the experiences caught on camera were given depth, just living with them, e.g. watching Tanzania playing an international game, visiting Mbeka’s sister with her new born or meeting the young girls. Whether it was the mother of twins who lost one of them due to the lack of health care or just the mere fact that children struggle to become older than 5. I was amazed about the excitement of seeing people working together on one project. I mean where in a village in Europe would people give up large amounts of their day to build something for the community, one or two hours a week yes but days?

Of course things never go smoothly all the way along and there were some hurdles to overcome concerning materials for the building site, as well as concerning power for the camera. In the end the generator went up in flames, but even that was not a problem for the local mechanic and got fixed, but it ruined my camera charger and we shot the remaining days with a small handy-cam.

It is hard to put down in writing how going to Tanzania changes the way you think, but despite being made aware that the appreciation for your luxuries in Europe will wear of, I am still, one year later, grateful everyday about what we have and am more passionate than ever about helping the disadvantaged and raising awareness via films. I obviously hope that the film will give some insight into the people there. Watching it should show the compassionate people who funded the centre what change they have accomplished and give some faces to the 2500 people of Kalalasi.

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Pre-Christmas Fundraiser

On Saturday 6th Dec.2008 we are having a fundraiser
2-4 pm. United Church, Jewry Street, Winchester.

There will be music, crafts for sale, showing of our documentary about building the Health Centre and a Raffle.

Money raised will go towards the Greening Project.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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We will be holding our AGM on 29th Nov. 2008 at 10 Christchurch Rd. Winchester.


Welcome by Stephen Todd
Apologies for absence
Minutes of the AGM 17th November 2007
Matters arising
Annual Report
Summary of Accounts
Election of Officers
Closing remarks, Kitty Todd secretary.

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Health Centre Opening Ceremony

Mid March saw the opening of the Health Centre. Mr. Kauzeni the ward councillor officiated as the M.P. Mr. Mwananzila couldn’t make it. There was a great gathering. It is up and running with just a handful of things that need finishing off. When the guttering is attached to the fascia board and pipes run into the water tanks, they will be water harvesting. The ceiling boards in the veranda waiting area will be painted white.

The drop toilets are constructed away from the pit, so they won’t be too smelly. All in all the health care provision for Kalalasi and the surrounding villages shall be greatly improved.

The sign at the front thanks SUDA and St. Peter’s Church in Winchester for their contribution.


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Reporting back on the health centre

Click here for the health centre project page.  For an account of the trip from Kitty, read on.

Mbeka, Rhea, Davinder and I, (Kitty) flew to Dar es Salaam on 24th August, arriving on the Saturday 25th. We stayed with Mbeka’s sister, Mama Willie and her husband Noah in Mbagala Kuu catching up with Parapanda, the Theatre group he used to work with and other friends on Sunday. Monday we shopped for Kalalasi; skipping rope, basket ball, generator and other essential items. Then on Tuesday we were up at crack of dawn for the bus. Mama Willie came with us to cook with her 4 year old niece, Adolfina who’s mum had died recently. She was going to stay with her grandmother.

With Rhea’s camera equipment, the video player Mbeka picked up second hand in Winchester, a big bag of clothes etc, we had 15 pieces of luggage. 12 hours on the bus to Mbeya, then on to Sumbawanga next day. The night before we left for the village, Mama Willie went down with malaria, so we left her in hospital in Sumbawanga, bought mattresses, food etc. and headed off to Kalalasi. There we stayed in the new house the Headteacher was about to move in to. There was a dining table and chairs, sofa, easy chairs and coffee table, windows with glass in and some plastic chairs. A walled yard with outside hole in the floor toilet, shower room, bare kitchen and 2 storage sheds, one with 2 huge bags of charcoal. The teacher’s wife over the way cooked for us until Mama Wille came.

The Health Centre was coming on nicely. We’d sent money over the last few months for cement, window and door frames and furniture. The walls were up to roof level and the community were pitching in. Women carrying water and bricks, men with bullock sledges bringing sand and cement. We paid some key workmen: plasterers and the main roofer but the villagers made and fired the bricks and worked for free. Mr. Chole, the former village chairman acted as foreman. The women sang songs they had composed for us. Mbeka translated, one line that sticks in my mind was ‘Now we feel we are alive.’

Over the next couple of weeks we had two trips to Sumbawanga on the lorry that runs daily from Matai. If asked he picks up and drops off in Kalalasi. The road is really rough so it takes three hours to travel the 63 miles there, longer on the way back with people unloading purchases along the way. We cashed £4,000 worth of travellers cheques and bought in the materials needed to finish the project. We got to know the people at Jeggo hardware quite well. A team of men from the village came to help load up. By the time we left the roof was on, walls plastered and floors cemented. Rain water storage tanks were under construction and the furniture was in the storeroom nearby.

Now the verandas are finished, walls painted inside and out, water harvesting tanks are being finished. The only thing left to do are the toilets. They are waiting for money from the local govt. for that.


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News as of 5th July 2007

We raised just over £1000 at Westgate. It was a lively evening and the atmosphere with the African Market and variety of performers was brilliant. Many thanks to all the staff and pupils who helped out. We are really excited to have a link between Matai School and Westgate and the money will help with beds for the students there.

Meanwhile back in Kalalasi the foundations are finished for the Health Clinic, they are drying out for a few days then next week the walls will start going up. The doors and windows are on site and the district engineer has seen it and given them advice. He will continue to supervise the building.

Kapita the carpenter sent us this picture of the doors.

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Garden Party: Friday 20th July 2007 4-7

If you’re in the Winchester area and would like to meet up with us all to help raise funds for a bio gas project in Kalalasi, we’d love to see you. Please let me know on 01962 861217 or email [kitty *at* sumbawanga *dot* org *dot* uk] if you plan to attend.

It will be held at 10 Christchurch Road, Winchester SO23 9SR. Bring something for the BBQ and a donation for funds. This is a chance to see everyone before we go to Kalalasi to help out with the final stages of building the Health Centre. Mbeka’s band Waraba will be playing and there will be food and drink, African crafts for sale and a raffle.

Children welcome.

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World Arts Night: Westgate School, Sat 24th March


Supporting ‘Sumbawamga Development Action’ charity no: 1111900

At Westgate School, Cheriton Rd., Winchester

PERFORMANCE: 7.00 – 8.45 p.m.


An exciting range of performances from a variety of arts groups:

  • Pembetatu – an African Dance-Drama group
  • The Watu – a multi-ethnic pop band from London
  • Ensembles & Soloists from Winchester University including 2 choirs and an African Drumming Ensemble.

Before the performance and during the interval stalls will a rich array of affordable items on sale from Tanzania, Africa including cloths, masks, carvings and jewellery.


Tickets from Kitty Todd, 10 Christchurch Rd. Winchester. SO23 9SR — 01962 861217.

cheques payable to SUDA, ENCLOSE SAE

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General update.

Quite a number of things have gone on over the last several months; most notably, we have made excellent progress with our fundraising thanks to a Covenant With the Poor appeal through the Catholic Church. Through that appeal, we have raised a further £6000, which brings us very much in line with our goal of £8000 for the health center.
Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, it has not been possible for work on this project to begin this summer as we had at one stage hoped. However, we are now ready to begin comissioning the manufacture of doors and windows. We are confident that we will be able to ensure, when the time comes, that the building work can be done very quickly and efficiently.
We are planning another fundraising event in late November, and will be sending out invitations in due course.

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