AGM 2010

SUDA AGM 2010-11-25.

Mbeka welcomed us to his house.

Apologies, Jo Tanter, Muriel Meeres, Emilio Arias, Colin and Angela Stansfield Smith, Sandra Barker, Leif Klingsheim and Rhiain Sofflet.

Present: Heather Mballa, Mbeka and Gunhi Chifunda, Jenny Savidge, Stephen, Kitty and Peter Todd. Peter Jenner and Paul Brathwaite.

Minutes of the AGM 2009-11-2 were approved and signed.

Matters arising: Solar Aid, Kitty tried but didn’t get anywhere.

Chairman’s report.
See separate notes.

Treasurer’s report. Margaret Houlton has looked over the accounts, that is her contribution to SUDA.

See sheets. We spent £70 more on Medical equipment than intended.
Election of officers: We all stood down and were voted back in block, proposed by Paul, seconded by Gunhi:

Chair, Mbeka
Deputy Chair, Paul
Treasurer, Jenny,
Secretary, Kitty
Other committee member, Peter Jenner.

Heather told us Patrick has a colleague working on a hospital which is getting rid of some equipment, we said we are interested in principal, maybe as a link to another charity, like read international with the books from the Westgate School. Also it’s a point to make with the embassy. The situation with Dar-es-Salaam Port will put charities and other bodies off sending vital equipment.

Meeting ended 8.30