Matai Bunk Beds Project

Matai Secondary School is the main one in the Kalambo constituency, where Kalalasi village is. More than ten villages depend on this school; this is a large catchment, and many of the students board. Accommodation is a problem: some lucky ones stay in the school, others lodge in the town. There have been cases of abuse by landlords. With these problems it is hard for the young people to study properly. Bear in mind that people start secondary school at fourteen, finish their O levels at eighteen. If they intend to go to University they do A levels from age nineteen to twenty and start Uni. at twenty one.

The school has got two dormitories. One is equipped with metal bunk beds which have fallen into disrepair. In the girls dormitory they sleep on their mattresses on the floor.

The process is underway to provide wooden bunk beds, made by the local carpenter who made furniture for the Kalalasi Health Centre. The Westgate School here in Winchester helped us raise £2.500 which will buy forty bunk beds.

We intend to raise more funds to supply more beds and lockers for the young people.
Donations and seeing you at fundraisers are always appreciated.